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Rental Tips

  • Call our expert staff at Wilson Brothers Rental & Sales and describe the project you would like to complete with rented equipment. With this information, our staff can recommend the exact type and size of equipment you'll need. They also will help you organize the additional supplies you'll need to complete the job correctly.
  • Before you actually visit our store, organize your work area so you can use the equipment right away after renting. This preparation can save you money.
  • When you pick up the equipment, our staff will explain how to use it safely and correctly. If you don't understand the instructions or feel uncomfortable about operating the equipment, ask for more information.
  • Make sure you understand your responsibility for the equipment. Wilson Brothers Rental & Sales is responsible for equipment maintenance and will replace equipment that breaks down during normal use. But when damage occurs because of a customer's negligence or misuse, he or she is responsible for repair or replacement. 

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